Winter Health Check

It’s important to maintain your car throughout the year, but particularly during the colder months as there can be specific problems associated with poor weather conditions. With breakdowns more common in the winter, weather hazards affecting driving conditions and shorter daylight hours, it is important to have your full vehicle inspected to help prevent problems that may lead to dangerous conditions when driving. Take the worry out of whether your car is winter roadworthy by booking a winter safety check with Prestige Automotive Services.

Winter Car Service

What does a Winter Health Check involve?

Our technician will do a thorough full vehicle check, focusing on the key following areas:

  • Tyres – we’ll look at the overall condition of your tyres including tread depth and pressure
  • Battery – we will test the charge and condition
  • Coolant / Anti-freeze – check the correct strength and top up
  • Wiper blades – look over each one for any splits or damage, also the windscreen washer fluid level
  • Windscreen – check over for any chips or cracks
  • Lights (including headlights, brake lights and indicators) – test all light bulbs are fully functioning
  • Brakes – check the pads and discs for wear and condition

Why are these car checks important over winter?

Above are the common vehicle functions critical for safety and performance and these can be affected by winter conditions, which contribute to vehicle hazards over winter.

  • Tyres are very important as they link you to the road, providing grip for braking, acceleration and steering.
  • A healthy, fully charged battery will reduce the breakdown risk.
  • Ensuring all fluid levels are correct will help reduce wear on components.
  • Visibility is key while driving and it is important you are able to see no matter the weather conditions.
  • It is a legal requirement and highly dangerous if your lights do not work.
  • Fully working brakes will help reduce stopping distance.

To ensure your car is winter-ready, get in contact to book in for our Winter Heath Check service.

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